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NeU:P01Y(No-i-Po-Li / ノイポリ)

Transparent three-dimensional etiquette mask - assembly type

Transparent three-dimensional etiquette mask - assembly type

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transparent mask

Comfortable customer service and job environment with a natural smile.

It is super lightweight, prevents splashes, has good breathability, and has a three-dimensional structure that does not stick to your nose or mouth. As heat is hard to be filled, for heat stroke measures. This etiquette mask is perfect for summer as it can be washed and used over and over again.

*This product is assembled. A rubber cord is not included.
transparent mask
Etiquette is guaranteed without burdening children even when going to school such as kindergarten or school.

transparent mask

It can be worn without removing it even during summer hydration and eating.
transparent mask
There is no heat retention compared to general masks.

Size/Product Specifications

□Country of origin: Japan

□ Product name: Assembled transparent three-dimensional mask

□ Packaging dimensions: width 90 × height 120 mm

□ Inner package: 1 piece (rubber cord is not included)

□ Product size

(L) W27.5cm×H13.1cm
(M) W25.2cm×H12.0cm
(S) W23.3cm×H11.1cm

□ Assembled height (nose and chin):

(L) about 11.5cm
(M) about 10.5cm
(S) about 9.5cm

□Weight/thickness: about 4g/0.2mm for each size

□ Target: Splash prevention

□Packaging: Body - PET / Packaging - OPP / Backing paper

Please be sure to read it.

・Because of mass production, depending on the lot, it may be difficult to assemble due to shallow cuts. Do not force it into place, but push open the notch a little before assembling.

・It is not a mask that covers the face. Adjust the string so that it is lightly placed on the face and worn as if it were placed.

・Do not press it against your face. Touch your cheek very little, but if you sweat, please wipe your skin frequently.

・If it does not fit your skin, do not wear it.

・Due to product characteristics, we do not accept returns or exchanges after use.

・This mask does not prevent infection (intrusion).

Precautions for use

・This product cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated, or for the purpose of preventing pollen and viruses.
・Should you feel sick due to itching, rash, rash or smell, discontinue use immediately.
・Keep out of reach of infants.
・Store in a clean place ・Do not use near fire.
・When using anti-fogging separately, please dry thoroughly before using.
・After using this product, please dispose of it according to the regulations of your local government.
・Please refrain from wearing it in places where it may be damaged.

About delivery and cancellation

*Shipping will be the day after the order is placed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). (Orders placed before 14:00 will be shipped on the same day)

*Since it will be sent by mail, if the name (full name), address, etc. are not written correctly, it will be returned and may not reach the customer, so please check carefully before ordering.

*Even if we receive a request for change or cancellation before shipment, it may be shipped depending on the timing. Cancellations cannot be accepted once the order has been shipped.

* Please note that the customer will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping items returned to us due to a mistake in entering the address, etc.

*Please be sure to check the reception refusal setting of PC mail so that you can check the order details.

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    Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions .
    ・This product is assembled ・Rubber string is not included.
    *The model in the photo is wearing size M (standard).


How to assemble a transparent three-dimensional mask