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Paper Product

Design design considering the beautiful display while charging the latest gadget. Office · Development · Shop · Remotework · Interior.

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The transparent three-dimensional mask "Ghost" used in various job scenes is also active in sports and entertainment rights.

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Ultra-light compact / transparent three-dimensional Etiquette mask GH05T


Heat stroke measures.

Kids size

HOW to Build IT

To everyone who works.


Collateral security.


As normal masks were hot, it was not hot, but this was not hot, but it was difficult to get cloudy, and I did not feel that I was wearing.

Cafe owner (male / 46 years old)

It was hot and comfortable. It seems that I didn't know if I was wearing it from a distance, and I was surprised to be a hotel.

Flower shop (male / 46 years old)

I feel relieved when teaching because I can see the expression. It is comfortable for singing normally.

Piano / Boy Lecturer (Women / 40 years old)

I was surprised at different dimensions. Expression is visible and splashes are also helped to be satisfied.

Hotel Mang (Male / 55 years old)

I am wearing a staff. This elegant mask is recommended because the mask feels everyday with a non-daily life.

Ryokan manager (male / 46 years old)

An + i

Amazingly comfortable, protect you.

Anti-protection masks that are comfortable and fashionable for a long time. It is not surprising but not surprisingly unprecedented, but it is hard to evaporate. A new shape mask that can be well portable and washed and reused by soft resin.

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Do not pass air with a medical grade resin. Sense of security and stability and surprisingly comfortable wear.


There is no problem if it gets dirty even if it gets wet or rain. It is also suitable for sports and fitness.


If you are looking for a cool and fashionable mask, this mask is recommended.



NEU: P01Y (Neopoli) is a brand that combines a line and a brand that creates a new product.