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Ultralight Compact/Transparent Solid Etiquette Mask GH05T

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Heat stroke measures.

Kids size

To everyone who works.

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Collateral security.


How to assemble 3D transparent etiquette mask GH05T

Three-dimensional transparent etiquette mask GH05T

I used a fire and the normal mask was hot and unbearable, but it wasn't hot and I didn't feel like wearing it because it wasn't cloudy and I wasn't painful with my glasses.

Cafe owner (male/46 years old)

It was comfortable and not hot. The guests of the hotel were surprised because they didn't know if they were wearing it from a distance.

Florist (male/46 years old)

Your child can see the facial expressions, so you can feel secure when you teach. I'm comfortable singing songs normally.

Piano/Boitore teacher (female/40 years old)

I was surprised at the comfort of another dimension. I am happy that I can serve customers without having to worry about splashes as I can see their facial expressions.

Hotel Man (Male / 55 years old)

I have the staff wear it. Masks feel everyday in the inn business that provides extraordinary life, so this elegant mask is a recommended product.

Inn owner (male/46 years old)


I want to feel good with medical care and design. NeU:P01Y is a brand that reconnects dots and lines to create new products.