Shipping policy

About product delivery/within Japan

Inquiries Please contact us using the contact form.

Shipment will be made the day after the order is placed (shipping on the day of reception at 14:00, excluding weekends and holidays).

In the event of a shortage or delay, we will promptly notify you.
It will be delivered by Yu-Pack or Yu-Packet of Japan Post.

We cannot accept the designation of a different delivery address for each product.
Please place an order for each delivery address.

[Delivery method/within Japan]

Free shipping within Japan.

Delivery method; Japan Post/Yu-Packet          
Specify desired date and time for receipt (✗) Product tracking (〇) Guarantee (✗)

[Delivery method / Outside Japan]

Shipping method: international mail       
Specify desired date and time for receipt (✗) Product tracking (〇) Guarantee (✗)

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, there are areas where international mail services are restricted and delivery is not possible. In that case, we may cancel the order after it has been placed.


*If the package does not fit in the mailbox, it will be taken home and an absentee ballot will be posted.
*Please note that we cannot guarantee any accidents, losses, deterioration of quality, etc. due to Yu-Packet delivery.
*It will be delivered to your home post. Please be sure to check the nameplate and lock the mailbox.

[When the delivery company's luggage storage period has passed]
If the product is returned to our shop for reasons such as cancellation after shipment, loss of communication, refusal to receive, long-term absence, etc., we will ship it from our shop. We will bill you for the return shipping fee and the return shipping fee for when the item is returned to us. The cost of return shipping varies depending on the delivery area and may be expensive. Even in the case of free shipping conditions, you will be charged a round-trip shipping fee.


・Business hours 8:00-17:00

・Closed on weekends and holidays

*Orders placed during holidays will be shipped on the next business day.

Shipping agent
Wonder Friends Co., Ltd. Abeno
Takezawa Building 4F, 1-1-10 Asahimachi, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-0051