Shipping policy

About delivery of goods / in Japan


Shipping ships the day after the order date (It will be excluding shipping / weekends and holidays on the day of 14 o'clock.

If missing or delay occurs, we will promptly guide.
It will be delivered in the Japanese Postal Service Supplies.

You can not accept different shipping address specifications for each product.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but please order every delivery.


【Delivery method / in Japan】

Japan shipping charges are free.

Shipping method;Japan Post / Yu Packet
Receiving desired dates designation (✗) Product tracking (〇) Security (✗)


[Delivery method / outside Japan

Free shipping on purchases of ¥ 10,000 or more.

Delivery method; international mail
Receiving desired dates designation (✗) Product tracking (〇) Security (✗)

There are areas where there is a limit on international mail service due to the effects of new coronavirus. In that case, you may want to cancel after ordering.


※ If the luggage does not enter the post, it will be taken away and the absentee is posted.
※ Please note that we can not guarantee any guarantee to the accident, loss and quality deterioration due to Yu-packet delivery in our shop.
※ It will be delivered to the post of your home. Be sure to check the nameplate and lock the post.

[Delivery company If the luggage storage period has passed]
From shipment to the storage period of the delivery company (one week from shipment), cancellation after delivery, cancellation after shipment, receipt, rejection, and delivery from our shop will be shipped from our shop. We will request the shipping fee for shipping costs when returning to our shop and our shop. Depending on the shipping cost applied to the return, it depends on the delivery area, and it may be expensive. Even if you are free shipping conditions, you will receive a round trip shipping fee.


· Opening hours 8:00 to 17:00

Saturday, Sunday, public holidays

※ We will send orders on the next business day for orders at home.

Shipping agent
Wonderflens Abe Co., Ltd.
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