Refund policy

[Cancellation/return/in Japan]

Even if you receive a change or cancellation request before shipment, it may be shipped depending on the timing. We cannot accept cancellation if it is shipped.

About returned goods

Please note that the following items cannot be canceled or returned regardless of the previous section.

    1. Products used
    2. Products that have been over 8 days after the product arrives
    3. Products that have scratches and dirt under the customer
    4. Products without a package (bag / case)
    5. Products processed for customers, such as order products and named products
    6. In addition, the product introduction page clearly states that it cannot be returned

      Please bear the shipping cost for returned goods. (Refunds will be made according to the payment method within 3 business days after arrival. (We will not refund the shipping fee).

      * Return sizes and refunds for purchases from overseas cannot be accepted unless they meet the conditions. note that.