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[NU:WAS / MC4 Bengal Calf] Bifold Wallet

[NU:WAS / MC4 Bengal Calf] Bifold Wallet

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leather type
color (bicolor)

An innovative and minimalist smart wallet.

Leather wallet bi-fold wallet

[NU:WAS], which has a simple bicolor design, is an ultra-lightweight smart wallet with a new concept that considers the best minimalism and usability suitable for the cashless era.

Thin, small, and very light.

Leather wallet bi-fold wallet

A no-sew wallet made to wrap like a crepe.

A simple design with high-quality bi-color with leather on both sides. It is not bulky even if you put it in your pants pocket. It does not get in the way even if you put it in the back.

Leather wallet bi-fold wallet

Long wallet, wallet, leather wallet, bi-fold wallet

Minimal yet functional.

With no metal fittings and no stitching (stitches excluded), we have achieved an energy-saving manufacturing method that excels in reusability and maintainability. Maximum thickness of 10mm and lightness of 43g.

Features of Smart Wallet NU:WAS

  • Card slit for easy card removal, can store up to 4 cards.
  • The wallet is large enough to hold a lot of bills.
  • It does not use metal fittings, but it is easy to use and prevents coins from falling out of the coin pocket.
  • There is a free pocket for storing receipts, etc.
  • It is the thinnest and lightest design without using structural sewing or metal fittings.
  • This wallet is made entirely of leather and is of high quality and durable.

* Cards can be stacked up to 4 in total.

purse description
The average amount in the wallet is 14,250 yen. It has just the right amount of storage for everyday use.
Wallet explanationWallet Vanity case

A cosmetic box made by a long-established store in Kyoto.

We also paid attention to the packaging. It is a design suitable for a cosmetic box assembled with high-quality paper.


size and weight


・LC4 (W179×H95×D10mm)

・MC4 (W84×H110×D10mm)


・LC4 (BC:65g /AR:66g)

・MC4 (BC:43g /AR:55g)

About wallet leather

What is Bengal Calf (BC)?

Bengal calfskin with an elegant luster. The supple and glossy Bengal calf (calf), which changes bewitchingly as you use it, is said to be the highest quality cowhide leather and is highly rare. The luster and exquisite texture unique to natural leather create a sense of individuality.

What is Amarillo (AR)?

Heavy leather tanned (commonly known as "hebitan") thick soft leather. It is a domestic oil smooth with a country look, and although it has a thickness of around 2mm, it has a supple and moderate stiffness that makes use of the characteristics of both chrome tanning and tannin tanning.

wallet capacity

・Up to 4 cards

(2 layers x 2 pockets)

・Bill pocket

・Money pocket

(Long wallet LC4 + free pocket)

Precautions when ordering

*Color may vary depending on the lot.

*Since natural leather is used, there may be unevenness, wrinkles, and moles.

*Because each piece is hand-folded by a craftsman, there may be differences in thickness due to leather plowing, folding misalignment, etc.

*There may be differences between the photo and the actual product depending on your display environment.

*If you put a large amount of coins in your wallet, the coins may overflow from your wallet.

* Small change may escape into the inset part of MC4.

* With LC4, the lid part will rise until the leather fits.

About delivery and cancellation

*Shipping will be the day after the order is placed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). (Orders placed before 14:00 will be shipped on the same day)

*Since it will be sent by mail, if the name (full name), address, etc. are not written correctly, it will be returned and may not reach the customer, so please check carefully before ordering.

*Even if we receive a request for change or cancellation before shipment, it may be shipped depending on the timing. Cancellations cannot be accepted once the order has been shipped.

* Please note that the customer will be responsible for the cost of re-shipping items returned to us due to a mistake in entering the address, etc.

*Please be sure to check the reception refusal setting of PC mail so that you can check the order details.

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