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[NU: WAS / LC4 Amarilo] Long wallet

[NU: WAS / LC4 Amarilo] Long wallet

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Type of leather
Color (bicolor)

[NU: WAS], which was simply designed with a bicolor, is an ultra -light and new idea smart wallet that considers the best minimalism and comfort that suits the cashless era.

The bracket -less and no -sewing structure (excluding stitches) realizes energy -saving methods with excellent reuse and maintenance.
Long wallet wallet leather wallet in bi -fold wallet
Wallet Leather Wallet Long Wallet Minimalist Cassless
Wallet Leather Wallet Long Wallet Minimalist Cassless
Wallet Leather Wallet Long Wallet Minimalist Cassless
There are many small, large -capacity wallets. If it is small, it will be heavy if you put a lot of it. I want to live more minimimulating. I want to have a smartphone payment, and I want to have a wallet in a backup. Smart wallet [NU: WAS] has been developed based on simple storage capacity, usability, lightweight, and downsizing. If you do not stick the leather, you can make it lighter and lighter, but it has a good touch and the design is high, so I decided to use it. Although it is designed in design, since it is not structural sewing, it can be deployed with materials other than leather, and by designing the design of reducing the manufacturing process while maintaining the design, it was possible to create energy -saving products.

Size and weight


・ LC4 (W179 × H95 × D10 mm)

・ MC4 (W84 × H110 × D10 mm)


・ LC4 (BC: 65g /AR: 66g)

・ MC4 (BC: 43g /AR: 55g)

About wallet leather

What is Bengal Calf (BC)?

Featuring elegant glossiness, Bengal calfskin. The supple and glossy bengal calf (calf), which changes to bewitching as it is used, is highly rare and is said to be the finest among cowhide. The glossy and exquisite texture unique to natural leather creates the personality of the person.

What is Amarilo (AR)?

Thick Nume leather with heavy retain name (commonly known as "heavyitan"). It is a domestic oils mousse with a country expression, with a thickness of around 2mm, but also has a supple and moderate feeling that makes use of both chrome tanned and tannin tanned characteristics.

Wallet capacity

・ Up to 4 cards

(2 pieces x 2 pockets)

・ Banknotes pocket

・ Money pocket

(Long wallet LC4 is+free pocket)

Precautions when ordering

* The color may differ depending on the lot.

* Since natural leather is used, there may be unevenness, wrinkles, and hog.

* Due to the folds by craftsmen, there may be differences in thickness due to leather sundries, folding, etc.

* Photos and actual products may differ depending on your display environment.

* If you put a large amount of coins, coins may overflow from your wallet.

Coins may escape to the fitting part of MC4.

In LC4, the lid part rises until the leather is familiar.

About delivery / cancellation

* Shipping will be shipped the next day after the order date (excluding weekends and holidays). (Orders until 14:00 will be shipped on the day)

* Since it will be mailed, if your name (full name) address is not written correctly, it will be returned and may not reach the customer, so please check carefully before ordering.

* Even if you receive a change or cancellation request before shipment, it may be shipped depending on the timing. We cannot accept cancellation if it is shipped.

* Please note that the customer will be borne by the customer's burden for those returned to us due to an address such as an address.

* Please be sure to check the reception setting of PC mail and confirm the order contents.

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