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NeU:P01Y(No-i-Po-Li / ノイポリ)

AN+i (Anti Protection Mask)

AN+i (Anti Protection Mask)

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"Anti-Protection Mask" is comfortable and fashionable even when used for a long time. Although it is made of resin, it has a three-dimensional structure that is surprisingly comfortable and does not get stuffy. A new shape mask that can be washed and reused with excellent portability due to the soft resin.

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In developing the Anti-Protection Mask, the developer who has asthma has weak breathing, and it was difficult to use the mask for a long time because it was difficult to breathe with a commercially available mask and caused a headache. I thought that there were not a few people who had . "Anti-Protection Mask" is a mask born from a new idea that is comfortable even when used for a long time and has excellent fashionability.
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This product uses medical grade resin that is safe to touch the body, and has a unique exhaust intake system, nose fin, and an integrated on-ear loop that does not hurt your ears. Although it is made of resin, it has a three-dimensional structure that is surprisingly comfortable and does not get stuffy. It is a new shape mask that can be washed and reused with excellent portability due to soft resin.

Beautifully designed from a single material, Anti is uniquely comfortable to wear. Provides maximum comfort. It is an all-weather next-generation mask that frees you from the unstable function and discomfort of filtering masks and allows you to adjust your own optimal comfort. Not only can it be used as a fashion item, but it can also be used over a non-woven mask as a double mask.
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< feature >
・Uses medical grade resin
・Shuts out the surface exhaust air with a non-filtering type that does not allow air to pass through
・The characteristic nose fin and three-dimensional structure reduce contact with the skin and do not make it difficult to breathe.
- Beautifully integrated buckle and belt for optimal comfort adjustment
・Loop that does not tighten like rubber
・Unisex (age 12 and over)

    Size/Product Specifications

    □ Product name: mask

    □ Dimensions: about H215 W95 D65mm (adjustment belt / 210mm)

    □Weight: 27g

    □ Target: Droplet prevention, cold prevention, pollen countermeasures, PM2.5 countermeasures, virus countermeasures

    □ Material: medical grade elastomer resin

    □ Packing: paper, polyethylene, polypropylene

    □ Package: 1 mask

    □Country of origin: Made in Japan

    Please be sure to read it.

    It is the standard size of a normal mask, but it is not made of rubber, so please check the size. Make an L shape with your thumb and forefinger and fit up to about 16.5 cm.

    ・Due to the characteristics of the resin used, there may be mist-like unevenness.

    ・Due to production reasons, there is a cut mark under the chin and a parting line inside.

    ・Due to product characteristics, we do not accept returns or exchanges after use.

    ・This mask does not prevent infection (intrusion).

    Precautions for use

    ・This product cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated, or for the purpose of preventing pollen and viruses.
    ・Should you feel sick due to itching, rash, rash or smell, discontinue use immediately.
    ・Keep out of reach of infants.
    ・Store in a clean place ・Do not use near fire.
    ・When using anti-fogging separately, please dry thoroughly before using.
    ・After using this product, please dispose of it according to the regulations of your local government.
    ・Please refrain from wearing it in places where it may be damaged.

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