Future of NU:WAS

The NU:WAS system is expanding, and we will continue to expand the material one after another.
Wallet minimal leather wallet
Our mission is to always incorporate advanced technology and design and create environmentally friendly products. NU:WAS is one of those passion products. We not only pursue the functionality and beauty of our products, but also consider coexistence with nature and aim for a more sustainable society.
NU:WAS has a simple and elegant design, is eco-friendly and highly durable. We use innovative technology to manufacture without threads or glues, eliminating material waste. This reflects our belief in not only minimizing our impact on the environment, but also providing products that are both beautiful and durable.
We believe that NU:WAS is the fruit of our passion and has set a new standard for creating eco-friendly products. We will continue to pursue innovative technology and design, and provide environmentally friendly products to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
While reviewing the package and simplifying the product package, it protects the product,
Expanding tools in the future, hand-made Japanese paper, and other materials using traditional Japanese techniques. In addition, we will expand the materials to a wide range of clear and fashionable ones.
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