Anti protection mask

the other dayNews release deliveryI have announced the title Anti-Protection Mask.

While many high-performance masks are being sold, in the announcement of new products, it is a developer, like me, with a disease, and it is possible to easily live even if it is more difficult to wear a regular mask. I thought I could not do it.

The transparent three-dimensional etiquette mask and GH05T (ghost) released last year were a product born from the same idea, but I thought it would be a product fitted to a variety of lifestyles.

Focusing on resin is a sense of security and stability that does not pass the air, and fashion.

Most masks are weak in disposable and sweat and moisture, difficult to reuse with hot summer sweats and rain, and the function is reduced when it gets wet. The normal mask roles to prevent splashes and some virus intrusions.

From such a thing, we started developing resin masks and announced.

Learn more about the product page so I would like to see it.

This anti-protection mask is a product that uses sports, as well as life, and sports use, and it is a product that can get stable and stable performance.

Please purchase by all means.

Flat bit Studio Corporation