Frequently Asked Questions

When will it arrive after ordering? (Japan in Japan)

・ If you order by 14:00 on the day, it will be shipped on the day.

・ Purchase after the above time will be shipped the next day and will arrive in 1-2 days.

・ Regarding weekends and holidays, it will be shipped as soon as business days are closed due to closed.

Can I cancel?

・ Order date (weekday), cancellation from 10:00 to 14:00 on the day of the day.

・ Cancellation after shipping is not possible.

・ After the product arrives, the product will be shipped by the customer's burden, and the product will be refunded after confirmation.

I can't receive an email after ordering.

When PC mail refusal is setWill not arrive, so please register Shop@Neup01y.com and cancel the e -mail address in the rejection settings.Contact formPlease contact me.

PC mail refusal setting method How to releasePlease contact each mobile carrier you are using. Or let us know your email address. I will send it again. In addition, the order confirmation email will not be received for e -mail address entry mistakes.Please contact me

spamPlease check the mailbox as it may have been received.

The tracking number is not displayed.

・ Product shipping will be sent by mail. It may take some time from shipping notification to the mail system, so please wait for a while until it is reflected. Also, if the link is incompleteJapan PostEnter the tracking number on the tracking screen and check it.

Commodity does not reach.

There are some products that cannot be delivered due to inadequate addresses and names, and returning due to long -term absence. In that case, we will return the product price.

I'm sorry for the shipping cost, but we have shipped it. Thank you for your cooperation.

In addition, if the above PC mail is refused, or if the email address is incomplete, the shipping notification or refund processing will not be reached. note that.

If you have any questions, etc.Inquiry formThank you for contacting us.

Is it possible to issue a receipt / delivery note?

・ It is issued by e -mail by PDF.

Specify the necessary information Inquiry formPlease contact us.

* In the case of mailing, you will receive a separate shipping+fee.

Can I ship overseas?

We accept shipping by international mail. Shipping (free for 4000 yen or more) is automatically calculated and displayed in the cart. It may not be possible to ship depending on the situation. Information from each countryHerePlease refer to the. Delivery with EMS is also possible.

About purchase from overseas.

Returns / size changes for purchases, cancellations after shipping, and refunds cannot be accepted unless they meet the conditions. note that.

FAQ -[GH05T]

Transparent three -dimensional etiquette mask

How to assemble the transparent three -dimensional mask GH05T?

・ From the following URL, or the video at the bottom of the product page, the QR code listed in the packageYouTubePlease see.

How to assemble

Method of installing

Check after assembly

What should I use for strings?

・ Please purchase your favorite rubber string and straps with a thickness within 3.5mm. I think it is easy to adjust if the length of the string is 80cm.

Method of installing

Can I use it and use it?

・ You can wash it and use it many times.

・ Please wash while assembling.

・ Because it is the same material as a plastic bottle, use water and dishwashing detergent after dry.

・ Alcohol can be used, but please refrain from using it if you feel sick due to smell.

It does not open.

・ Transparent three -dimensional mask GH05T is assumed that the cut is shallow and difficult to assemble due to mass production.

・ Do not forcibly fit, press open a little, then assemble.

(If you try the above and it is difficult to assemble, we will replace it, so please contact the following email.)

please note

・ If you get on your nose, fold the center after assembly and adjust the height.

・ It is not a mask that completely covers the face.

・ Adjust the string so that you put it lightly on your face or put it so that it is placed. Do not press against your face.

・ There are very few spacers on the cheeks, but if you sweat, wipe your skin frequently.

・ If it does not fit your skin, do not wear it immediately.

Product details pageSince the photos and sizes are specified, please select the optimal size and purchase.

How to assemble GH05T

FAQ -Watch Easel / Gamepad Stand / Gadget Stand

Paper Stand

How to use

・ Cut the joint with a cutter, fold it along the folding line, and use it.

About compatible models

・ Watch stand

[Correspondence clock] You can use it in a "hole -type" watch that can adjust the belt.

・ Gamepad Stand

[Supported gadget]
PS Controller / Xbob Controller / Switch Pro Controller, etc.

・ Sadget Stand

[Supported gadget]

(1)iPad*/ Tablet 5 GENERATION -Higher (mini -11 inch)

(2) IPhone*SE -Pro Max+Case / Android

(3)AirPods+ Pro

(4)Apple Watch*Serise 1-7 Higher

* Please use it in a flat and stable place. * Please refrain from using it in a humid place. * Please separate with a cutter and use it.

please note

・ Because it is a paper product, please use it in a place without humidity.

・ It may gradually warp of humidity and weight.

・ If it is warped, instead of returning it by hand, it may return if you put it under heavy books while drying for a while.


An+I Protection Mask

About size.

・ It becomes a free size and becomes unisex.

・ As shown in the figure on the product page, please make sure that it can be measured and installed with your finger before purchasing.

・ Pass the string part through the buckle, adjust and attach within the movable range.

About the fitting method.

・ Return the warp, fold it several times, and use it so that it fits your face.

・ Bend the nose fin downward and attach it to press it.

Can I use it and use it?

・ You can wash it and use it many times.

・ Please use water and dishwashing detergent after dry well.

・ Alcohol can be used, but please refrain from using it if you feel sick due to smell.