Frequently Asked Questions

[please note]* Only in Japan.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, delivery may be delayed from delivery. Please note.

-------- Anti-protection mask --------

  • Return warpage to fit on the face and use it.
  • Bend the nose fin downward and press it to press it.

-------- Transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T ---------

The transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T is assumed to be due to lots due to lots due to lots of mass production. Do not force it, please push and open it after pushing it.(If you try to try the above and the assembly is difficult, please contact us until the following email will be contacted.)

Q: How can I assemble a transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T?
A: Please see the video at the bottom of the official site. Or from the QR code listed in the packageYouTubeYou can see.Way of assembly Method of wearing Check after assembly

  • When it comes to the noseFold the center after assembly and adjust the height.
  • It is not a mask that completely covers the face.Lightly put on your face, adjust the strap to attach it to place.
  • Tight andPlease do not press the face
  • The spacer part is very small on the cheek, but if sweating, please wipe the skin carefully.
  • If you do not fit your skin, please stop wearing immediately.
  • Product detail pageUse photos and sizes, so please choose the best size and purchase it.

Q:Transparent Solid Mask GH05T Straps Which should I use?

A: Please purchase a rubber string of thickness within 3.5mm. I think that it is easy to adjust if you have 80 cm.


Q: Can I wash and use it?
A: Wash in the assembled state. You can wash and use many times. Since it is the same material as the plastic bottle, please use it after drinking water and dishwasher. Alcohol can also be used, but please refrain from use if you like your smell etc.

Q: How long will you arrive after ordering? *
A: The product you ordered on weekdaysIt will be shipped the next day and will arrive in 1-2 daysis.Saturdays, Sundays, and holidaysRegardingClosingIt will be shipping up to the business day.

Q: Can I cancel? *
A: The next day of shippingOrder date (On weekdays) On the day, it is possible to cancel up from 10:00 to 14:00is. Please contact us by shipping the next day.

Q: Do you not email after ordering?
A: Because PC mail rejection is set, it does not arrive, so

shop@neup01y.comRegister and release the email address in the denial settingsinfo@neup01y.comPlease contact me.

Please contact your mobile carrier for the release method. Or please let us know the email address that can be received. I will send it again. In addition, please contact above as order confirmation mail does not arrive for email address completion errors.

※ Since it may be received by spam email, please check the mailbox.

Q: The tracking number does not appear.
A: Product shipping will be sent by mail. Since shipping notifications are reflected in postal systems, please wait for a while until it is reflected. Also if there is a defect in the linkJapan-PostEnter the tracking number on the tracking screen and check.

Q: It does not reach the product.
A: There is a product that can not be delivered by the lack of address and name, and returned by long-term absence. At that time, we have returned the return processing of the product price. I am sorry for the shipping cost, but I was shipped. Thank you very much. In addition, if there is a defect in the receipt of the PC mail or a defect in the e-mail address, shipping notifications and refund processing notifications are not received. note that. If you have any questions,info@neup01y.comThank you for contacting me.

Q: I want to exchange size. *
A: If before shipping,info@neup01y.comPlease contact us. For size exchange after shipping, we pay shipping cost according to the condition.

Q: I want to return. *
A: Customers who purchased multiple sheets orUnopenedunusedWe are refunded by the amount of money subtracted under the condition of (not assembled). Please pay the shipping cost of returned goods. It will be a return processing after the product arrival.

Q: The owned credit card is not supported. Do you have any other purchase?
A: We also accept orders by bank transfer. Please contact us.

Q: Can I issue a receipt?
A: We are issuing with PDF. Apply the necessary information info@neup01y.comPlease contact me. ※ In the case of mail, you will receive a separate shipping fee.

※ We can not accept returned goods and resizing about purchase from overseas, cancellation after shipping, refunds, except when satisfying conditions. note that.