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Final orders placed by 14:00 on 8/12 will be shipped.

Service availability by country

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the delivery may be delayed by shipment.Please be careful.

For delivery status inquiries

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, there have been delays in delivery. As a general rule of thumb, the delivery time is about 4 to 10 days, but it may take longer depending on the situation. We are unable to provide any more information on the situation outside of Japan than the tracking information, so please contact the delivery company in your country for confirmation.
Thank you for your understanding.

Please refer to the following URL for delivery options.

International mail (For English/Chargeable call)
If you have any questions about your package, please call the following numbers

* Due to mass production, it is assumed that lots of rots make it difficult to assemble and make it difficult to assemble.Don't force it into force. Push the incision into it, and open it up.(If you have to try and assemble the above mentioned above, please contact us at the request of the following email.))

Q: How do I assemble it?
A: Look at the video at the bottom of the official website.or the QR code that is listed in the packageYouTubeand you can see it.Assemble Population method checking after assembly

  • the case of a noseAdjust the center after assembling and adjust the height.
  • It is not a mask that covers the face completely.Try to adjust the string to put it on your face and put it in place.
  • GüclDon't push it on your face.
  • Touch your cheeks very low on the cheek, but if you sweat, wipe your skin.
  • If you don't fit your skin, please don't wear it right away.
  • Product Details PageUse the photo used and the size, so choose the right size and purchase it.

Q: What do you want to use the string?
The rubber goes into the hole, up to 3.5mm thickness.I think it's easy to adjust at 80 centimeters.

Q: Can I wash it?
A: Please wash it up as it is in the same condition.You can wash it again and again.This is the same material as a plastic bottle, so please use it after you have used water and dishwasher detergent.You can use alcohol, but if you feel sick in the smell, you should refrain from using alcohol.

Q: When will you deliver the order after the order? *
A: The products that you ordered on the weekdaysThe next day, the ship is scheduled to arrive in one to two days.for theSaturdays and holidaysin relation toabsence from workso that it will be sent as soon as it becomes a business day.

Q: Can I cancel? *
A: For shipping the next dayOrder Date (weekday, can be canceled from 10:00 to 14:00 on the day of business hoursfor thePlease contact me by ship the next day.

Q: I don't have any mail after the order?
A:PC email is not set to be received.

mask_order@flatbitstudio.comafter registering the email address with the rejection settings.mask@flatbitstudio.comPlease contact me.

Please contact your mobile carrier for the lifting method.Or, please let us know the email address you can receive.It will be sent again.Also, please contact the above for information on email address errors and no other order confirmation emails.

Please check your mailbox as it may have been received by spam mail.

Q: No tracking number is displayed.
A: I will send you a shipment of goods at the mail.Please wait until the delivery notification is reflected in the postal system, so please wait for a moment to be taken into account.

Q: I can't reach the product.
A: There are products that cannot be delivered due to the deficiencies of the address and name, or due to the long-term absence of the goods.In this case, we have been able to dispose of the goods for return.I am sorry for the delivery fee, but I have sent it to you for the request.How college is I, please?If you refuse to receive any of the above-mentioned PC mail, or if there are any deficiencies in your email address, you will not receive a shipping notice or a notice of the refund processing.Please accept.If you have any questions,mask@flatbitstudio.comMay I ask you to contact me for your request?

Q: I want to resize.*
A: In the case of shipping,mask@flatbitstudio.comPlease let me know.As for the resize of the shipment after shipment, the shipping charge is paid by the conditions.

Q: I want to return it.*
A: You may have purchased more than one customer, orUnopenedNot used(Unassembled) A refund of the amount paid by subtracting the shipping charges.The shipping charge for the return is an IBM burden.This will also result in return processing after arrival of the product.

Q: The owning credit card is not supported.Is there any other way to purchase it?
A: We are also placing orders in bank transfer.Please let me know by e-mail.

Q: Can I issue a receipt?
It is being published in A:PDF.Specify the information you needmask@flatbitstudio.comPlease contact me.*If mailed, you will receive a separate shipping charge plus a fee.

*You cannot accept the return and resize of purchases, cancellation of the shipment after shipment, and refund of the purchase unless the conditions are met.Please accept.