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Due to the influence of COVID-19, there is a case to be delayed from delivery to delivery. Please note.

-------- AN+i --------
  • Warp it back to fit your face and use it.
  • Bend the nose fin downward and press it into place.

-------- Transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T--------

By lot for the transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T mass production, if the pile to the depth of cut is shallow assembly is assumed. Not fitted into force, it should be assembled from a little open press cuts(Try the above, when the assembly was difficult, thank you that you will contact the following e-mail so that we can exchange.)

Q: How who is the assembly of the transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T should I do?
A: Please see the video at the official site below. Or from the QR code that is posted on the packageYouTubeYou can see.How assembly How to install Check after the assembly

  • If you get on the noseIs, folding the center after assembly, please adjust the height.
  • It is not completely mask covering the face.Put lightly on the face, please adjust the straps to mount to place.
  • Tight andPlease do not pressed against the face
  • Spacer portion is touched very little on the cheek, but if you wrote a sweat wipe the skin diligently.
  • Please do not wear quickly if you do not fit the skin.
  • Product Details pageUsing photos, because there was clearly stated size will choose the best size, please purchase in.

Q:What do I use a string of transparent three-dimensional mask GH05T?

A: Please purchase the thickness of the rubber string of less than 3.5mm. I think that easy to adjust with a 80cm.


Q: Can I use to wash?
A: Please wash in a state in which the assembly. Wash you can use again and again. Because it is the same material as plastic bottles, please use after a dry well use our water and dishwashing detergent. Alcohol can also be used, but please refrain from using long as you feel worse in the smell.

Q: When will I receive after ordering? *
A: items in your order on weekdaysArrival in the dispatch of the next day and made 1-2 daysis.Saturdays, Sundays, and holidaysNikanshimashiteHolidayIt will be shipped as soon as business days for.

Q: Do you cancel the can? *
A: per sending out the next dayOrder date (Weekdays) on the day, from the reception time 10:00 to 14:00 and can be canceledis. Please contact me to ship the next day dispatch minute.

Q: I after ordering e-mail is not this?
A: Because I do not reach if it is PC-mail rejection setting,

mask_order@flatbitstudio.comRegistered, after the release of the same e-mail address in the rejection settingmask@flatbitstudio.comPlease contact.

Please contact your mobile carrier With regard to the Release method. Or please let us know can be received e-mail address. Again, it will be sent. In addition, please contact us so will not receive the order confirmation e-mail also, such as e-mail address entry errors until the above.

※ Since there is also likely to have been received by the junk e-mail, e-mail box Please confirm.

Q: tracking number is not displayed.
A: shipping products will be sent by mail. Since it may take some time to be reflected from the shipping advice to the postal system, please check We wait for a while to be reflected. In the case where there is a deficiency in the linkJapan PostPlease check and enter the tracking number to the tracking screen.

Q: commodity does not reach.
A: deficiencies of your address or your name, also there is a commodity that can not be delivered by the return of long-term absence. In that case, we have been the return process of the commodity price. Indeed I am sorry With regard to shipping, but we have received since we shipped. Regards. Also if there is a defect in the reception refusal or e-mail address, of the PC mail, shipping advice, and does not receive and refund processing notification. note that. If you have any questions,mask@flatbitstudio.comThank you that you will let us.

Q: want to exchange size. *
A: before shipping case,mask@flatbitstudio.comPlease contact me to. It is pay a mailing cost by the conditions regarding the size exchange after dispatch.

Q: want to return. *
A: Customers who purchase a plurality of sheets you or,UnopenedunusedWe will refund in the amount of money minus the shipping conditions of the (non-assembly). Shipping of the case of returned goods Please bear. In addition it will be the return process after the arrival to the product.

Q: own credit card is not compatible. Is there a way purchase else?
A: We also accept your order by bank transfer. Please contact described e-mail.

Q: Is it possible to issue the receipt?
A: We will issue in PDF. On the clearly the necessary informationmask@flatbitstudio.comPlease contact. ※ In the case of mailing will be charged the extra shipping + handling fee.

※ returned or size change for your purchase from overseas, canceled after dispatch, unless various conditions are met for the refund, you will not be able to accept. note that.